About Us

We a young company that started in 2016 with ambitions of becoming a leader in the energy space, we supply both product and solutions for both homes and business that offers protection and continuous uptime for everyone we aim to help each home become more energy-efficient and reduce the energy consumption with smart technologies and innovative thinking we’d like to see this dream become a reality.

We offer UPS Backups to protect your electronic devices from an inconsistent power supply or irregular electrical flow both for the home user to a business. We also offer Solar solutions with our range of quality products and software we can provide the power needed to take you home and business into the future. We offer Grid-tied, Off-Grid, Hybrid, and Solar Car parks systems for everyone we also off solar pool pumps and borehole pumps

We pride ourself in providing quality products and provide excellent services with our knowledge we are able to provide bespoke solutions for each client