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12000W Car Caravan Solar Power Inverter 12/24V- 220V Sine Wave Charger Converter


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Package Included:
1* Solar Inverter 
2* Alligator-Clip Battery Cable (Red for Positive & Black for Negative)
2*Rotating Terminal (Red for Positive & Black for Negative)
2* Insurance Fuse  
4*Metal Ring Gasket
Peak Power : 4000W
Rated power : 2000W (Please Ensure the Rated Power is Higher than the electric appliance you wanna apply to.)
Input Vottage: 12V/24V
Output voltage: AC 220V/50Hz ± 3Hz 
                         AC 110V/60Hz ± 3Hz 
No load current: <0.9A
5 Digital Display Content:Battery Electric QuantityInput/Output Voltage LCD Display 
Output voltage waveform: Modified Sine Wave 
Conversion Efficiency:90% 
– Color: Red
– Material: Aluminum Alloy
– Socket Style: Universal Socket
– Double Cooling Fan: Intelligent Self-control, will auto-start when it`s overheat or when you use high-power load.
– USB output Charging interface available.
– 2 Pole Terminal: Red for Positive & Black for Negative 
– Manual Switch (you must turn on it after connecting the battery and appliance, and turn off before disconnecting)
– The inverter can convert DC12/24V to AC 110V/220V. 
– 12V is generally for cars, 24V for trucks.
– Available Range Of Rated Voltage Of Electrical Appliances : 210~230V, 110~130V
– Safe Range Of Input Voltage:
  ①12V : 9.8~15V
  ②24V : 20~28V
– 8 Safety Protection Function: 
  ①Reverse polarity protection
  ②Low input voltage protection
  ③High input voltage protection
  ④Over-current protection
  ⑤Short circuit protection
  ⑥Over temperature protection
  ⑦Overload protection
  ⑧Internal fuses 
▲Main Applicable Loads for Rated Power 2000W: 
   20W-LED Lamp
   60W-Mechanical Electric Fan
   100W-Non-laser Printer
   200W-Desktop Computer
   300W-Audio Amplifier Equipment
   300W-Electric Hand Mill
   300W-Electric Hand Drill
   500W-Rice Cooker
   900W-Intelligent Rice Cooker
   1000W-Induction Cooker
   1000W-Hair Drier 
   1200W-Electric Kettle
   1400W-Steam Iron
▲Inapplicable Loads for Rated Power 2000W: 
   ①Inductive load (appliance that equipped with motor, compressor) like Fan, Dust Cleaner, Sinking Pump of a power over about 800W will be inapplicable, coz this item is a modified sine wave inverter.
   ②Low-power inductive load like 80W-Car Refrigerator, 80W-Aquariums Pump, 150W-Household Refrigerator, 150W-Sinking Pump,600W-Percussion Drill, 600W-Dust Cleaner will be applicable, but you`d better not to use it for long time.
①Please Ensure the Rated Power is higher than the electric appliance you wanna apply to.
②And if you wanna run several appliance at the same time, you should refer to the total Wattage. For example, an inverter of rated power 1500W won`t work if you run two 800W rice cooker at the same time, instead you should get a a  rated power 2000W one. 
③If you wanna run a inductive load for a long time, it`s suggested to buy a pure sine wave inverter.

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