30A Smart Solar Charge Controller Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller with LCD Display


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LCD Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

Color: Black + Green
Max Power Current: 30A
Voltage: 12V / 24V
Max PV Voltage: 50V
USB Port: 2
Display: LCD
Charge Type: PWM
Working Temp: -35 ~ 60℃
Waterproof Level: IP32
Material: Aluminium Alloy + Electronic Components
Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 168x92x42mm / 6.61”x3.62”x1.65”(appr.)

Package included:
1X Solar Charge Controller
1X User Manual

More details:

* Completed technical data for setup and modification.
* High efficiency intelligent PWM three-stage charging.
* Input terminal positive and negative pole reverse connected protection.
* Automatic identification system voltage, 12/24V automatically recognition.
* Humanized LCD display and double button operation of man-machine interface.
* The load control mode can be selected, the timer function can be reset for street light at night.
* Reliable protection: over voltage, short circuit, over load, overcharge, under-voltage, over-discharge.
* Solar panels, battery, solar charge controller positive poles are all connected together, adopting negative MOSFET in control.
* Accurate temperature compensation, correcting the charging and discharging voltage automatically improving the battery lifetime.

Installation Instructions
Controller Fixed
1) The controller should be installed in well-ventilated place, avoid from direct sunlight, high temperature, should not install in location where water can enter into the controller.
2) Please select correct screw to fix the controller on the wall or other platform. Screw M4 or M5. Screw cap diameter should be less than 10mm.
3) Please reserve enough space between the wall and controller, for cooling and cable connection.

Controller Connection
1) All terminals are in tight status when packing, in order to well connected, pls loose all terminals at first.
2) Please strictly obey the following connection order, otherwise it will cause system voltage recognition fault.
3) First connected the battery to controller correct poles. In order to avoid short circuit, pls screw the cable of battery to the controller firstly, then connected to battery poles secondly.
* If your connection is correct, the LCD display will shows the battery voltage and other technical data. If LCD without indicate, pls check the fault. The length of cable between battery and controller should be as shorter as possible. Suggest to 30cm – 100cm.
4) Connected solar panels with controller correctly, if the connection is successful and sunshine if full the LCD will show solar panel and an arrow from solar panel to battery will be light.

The Suggestion of Using
1) The controller could detect the temperature of environment to adjust the voltage of charging, so that the controller should be closed to battery as near as possible.
2) Recommend system current of cable less than 5A/m㎡.
3) Try to use the multi strand copper wire in order to connecting with the terminal firmly.
Loose power connection and / or corroded wires may result in resistive connections that melts the wires insulation, burns surrounding materials or even causes fires.
4) The battery should be fully charged each month. Or the battery will be destroyed.

Important Safety Information
1) It is better to install the controller indoor. If install the controller outside, pls keep the environment dry, avoid from direct sunlight.
2) The controller will be hot in process of working, pls keep environment ventilation, away from the flammable.
3) The open circuit voltage of solar panel is too high, pls take care.
4) The battery has acidic electrolysis. If you accidentally exposed to the electrolysis, pls rinse with water.
5) The battery has huge power, prohibit any conductor short circuit the positive and negative pole of battery. Suggest adding a fuse between battery and controller.

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