ADC225-12V Actuator ESD5111E Controller MSP675 Sensor Speed Controller


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Name:Speed Controller
Speed Range:1KHz-7.5KHz
Thermal Stability:Max ±1%
IDLE Adjustment:160 ± 20Hz ~ rated speed of 95%
External Speed Adjustment:± 200Hz (external 1KΩ) AUX.
Input Sensitivity:148Hz / 1V., ± 10Hz., Impedance 1MΩ START FUEL.
Adjust:160 ± 20Hz ~ 70% of rated speed RAMP.
Time Adjustment:1.5 ~ 20Sec. 10V.
Output Current:Maximum 20mA environment
Operating Temperature Range:-40℃ ~ 85℃
Operating Humidity Range:Max 95%
Save Temperature:-55℃ ~ 90℃
Shock:20-100HZ 500mm/Sec
Voltage:12V and 24V DC battery systems
Ground Polarity:negative electrode
Power Consumption:50mA
Actuator Continuous Current:minimum 2.5A; maximum 10A
Speed Sensor Signal:0.5 ~ 120 RMS

-DROOP. Adjustment: The minimum position is 15Hz ± 6Hz / Amps load current change. Maximum position 400Hz ± 75Hz / per amp load current change.
-The speed controller is a closed-loop control of the entire electronic design, it's instantaneous load changes quickly and with precision control in response to engine speed when connected to the match and the implementation of e-speed magnetic sensor signals can be Control of a wide range of engines.
-It is designed to be highly reliable, the engine can withstand the surrounding area within the range of electromagnetic interference.

Package Included:
1 x Speed Controller
1 x Speed Sensor
1 x Brake
17 x Accessories
1 x Manual

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