ESS 7.0 / 9.0 / X is a new modular lithium-ion energy storage which stores the generated surplus energy into battery modules for a later use. The inverter can then feed this power into the network or the energy storage. The power is available whenever it is needed: in the evening, at night and at times when there is little or no sunshine. With the ESS 7.0 / 9.0 / X storage system, solar energy users become less dependent on electricity prices and can use their own eco-power whenever they need it.

Cluster solutions

The design of the system is based on a modular principle: Depending on the desired storage capacity, the battery modules can be adapted to the needs of the user. For the recommended configuration of the storage system, please refer to the product brochure.


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  • Innovative lithium-ion battery technology
  • The service life of up to 20 years
  • Cycle stability at high currents
  • Partial cyclization possible – no memory effect
  • Quick charging capability: fully charged in one hour
  • Efficient operation through active temperature control
  • Safety-tested technology in accordance with the latest standards
  • Integrated multi-level security concept
  • Deep discharge protection, overcharge protection
  • Voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Charge balancing between cells (passive balancing)
  • Determination of the state of charge and state of health (SOC and SOH)
  • UN test 38.3
  • European Conformity (CE)
  • Compatible with SMA, Sunny Island 3.0/4.4/6.0/8.0 Victron, Delios and Studer
  • Supports multi-cluster functionality (scalable up to 12 modules in parallel)

Compatible to SMA Sunny Island
– Weight: 95 kg
– Energy (nom.): 6,74 kWh
– Energy (usable): 5,39 kWh
– Max. charge current: 90 A
– Max. discharge current: 300 A
– Max. discharge power: 18 kW
– Operating cell temperature: 2 bis 45°C
– Recommended warehouse temperature:
10 bis 25°C

High Safety Standard due to
Current Interrupt Device in each cell

Please pay attention to the minimal number
of ESS per Sunny Island Cluster

>>> Warning – Dangerous Goods <<<
UN 3480 Lithium-Ion Batteries
Class 9, II (E)
Number of ADR points: 285

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BMZ ESS 7.0 incl. DC cable (No patch cable and fuses), BMZ ESS 9.0 incl. DC cable (No patch cable and fuses), BMZ ESS X incl. DC cable (No patch cable and fuses)


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