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1500W Intelligent Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter



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Pea k 1500W Pure sine wave inverter 12V/24V/48V LCD Display 
-Six major protections.
Intelligent protection / short circuit protection / low voltage protection / overload protection / high temperature protection / surge protection
-90% efficient conversion rate.
Save battery power and increase usage time.
-SMT placement process.
After adopting SMT chip technology, it has high reliability, strong anti-vibration ability, low solder joint defect rate, high frequency characteristics, reduced electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, and better protection of electrical and battery safety.
-Aluminum-magne sium alloy casing, quality assurance.
The inverter shell is made of high-quality aluminum-magne sium alloy material with excellent texture, light weight and good thermal conductivity, so that the inverter in operation can maintain excellent heat dissipation.
-Built-in cooling fan.
When the temperature is too high, the fan will automatically turn on to prevent overheating.
-Built-in buzzer reminder.
Once any protection to the inverter is triggered, the inverter immediately disconnects the power supply, the load enters the protection mode, and alerts the person via a buzzer reminder.
1500W Some main applicable loads:
10W-Digital Electronics
20W-LED Lamp
60W-Mechanical Electric Fan
100W-Non-laser Printer
200W-Desktop Computer
300W-Audio Amplifier Equipment
80W-Car Refrigerator (Inductive Load)
80W-Aquariums Pump(Inductive Load)
150W-Household Refrigerator (Inductive Load)
150W-Sinking Pump (Inductive Load)
300W-Electric Hand Mill
500W-Rice Cooker
Type:pure sine wave inverter
P eak power: 1500W
Digital Display:LCD Display 
Output waveform: Pure sine wave
DC voltage (input voltage): 12V/24V/48V
AC voltage (output voltage): 220V ± 10%
Frequency: 50HZ
Low battery alarm (no load): DC10.5±0.5V
High battery alarm (no load): DC15.5V±0.5V
Low battery off (no load): DC9.5±0.5V
High battery off (no load): DC16V±0.5V
No load current consumption: <0.5A
Working temperature: -10° – + 50°
Storage temperature: -30° – + 70°
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum alloy
Socket style: Universal socket
Built-in cooling fan for low noise.
Positive and negative terminals
Inverter manual switch
Product size: 22*9.5*7.5cm 
Package Content: 
1 x Pure sine wave inverter
1 x User Manual
1 x Pair of Alligator-Clip Battery Cale
1 x Electromoblie Battery Cable 

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Weight 1.266 kg

12V, 24V, 48V

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